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Hello Friends!

Our lives are a culmination of all the experiences that bring us to this present moment. Good or bad, your past is simply a story, a chapter in the book of you and life is all about your perception. Both your story and perception can change... and you have the power to make those changes. You just need to believe it. TriToFly is all about overcoming what we perceive as limitations. How did we overcome health and mental issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and metabolic syndrome? We changed our story... our perception... and found an outlet to make these changes possible, inspired by the sport of Triathlon. We used the same disciplines learned by training for multiple sports, and applied them to our life. We don't train for competition at this time, but we are always training for life! We hope to inspire you to change your own story, and alter your own perceptions, after-all, you are the creator or YOUR STORY. We hope to inspire you to create new dreams, motivate you to be active, and watch you take flight and thrive! This life is yours and your story will determine if you are miserable or happy. Close the chapters that no longer serve you well, and from this moment forward, make your story a good one! Stop surviving and learn to THRIVE... one amazing story at a time!

<3 Jess & Riss

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