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3 Habits To Maximize Your Weight-Loss

August 6, 2019 No Comments

What separates the average person who can’t lose weight from the average person who can lose weight?


I am going to give you 3 habits to maximize your weight-loss that you can begin today!

How To Create Good Habits

If you own a smartphone, you have access to a plethora of apps designed to help you build and maintain good habits. In fact, the app I personally use is called “Habits”.

It allows me to enter the habits I want to create, as well as choose the days of the week that I want to perform this habit. Then, it sends me a reminder based upon those settings.

I highly recommend something like this if you are the type who has a hard time remembering to do these types of things.

Other things to help you create good habits and stick to them: a.get excited about your habit, b. celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the big, c. surround yourself with like-minded people, as well as those who support you, and d. take baby steps.

3 Habits I Personally Use With Success

  1. Keeping logs/diaries– A workout log helps keep you accountable and prevents slacking. It’s easy to forget what exercises you completed the previous day, a log solves that. It also is a resource to look back on to identify what has helped you improve, or identify potential problems in your program. This is so important that we created some basic workout log templates for you to use.
  2. Plan ahead– I cannot stress this enough. Whatever your fitness goals are, planning your workout ahead of time helps to keep you motivated. It also helps you to prevent injuries, or to identify any problems with your program. Planning your meals ahead of time is also VERY important. Doing so prevents you from falling victim to fast food, or grabbing something else unhealthy while on the go. Meal prep takes it a step further, truly preventing you from falling victim to unhealthy choices. We created basic meal planner templates just for this purpose.
  3. The walk one-mile rule– I created this rule for myself but it can be of help everyone. No matter what you do, always get 1 mile of walking into your day. So if for whatever reason you cannot work out, aim to walk outdoors, mindfully, every single day. You can substitute it with a treadmill. The point is to be mindful and active, on purpose, every single day. Building this habit gets you into a routine of making yourself a priority. That doesn’t mean that others you love are not a priority. Just keep in mind that you can better help others when you are taking care of yourself. Self-care is a must!

Simply implementing these 3 habits can truly help you to maximize your weight-loss and they are such simple things to do. Exciting right?

Habit Formation

Bad habits are difficult to change, while good habits are more difficult to implement and maintain. Why is this?

According to Psychology Today, behavioral patterns we often repeat are wired into our brains, which is why it is so difficult to break. However, do not let this discourage you because it is possible to rewire your brain (called Neuroplasticity)!

With focus and determination, you can create healthy habits and make them stick. Make sure your goal is clearly defined and specific, and be mindful of the situations that influence your habits in a negative way so you can avoid them in the future.

Our Conclusion About Habits

Healthy habits can be difficult to establish. Ensure your success by implementing the three habits I mentioned above. They are things I use myself with great success.

Use a smartphone app for reminders, our template sheets, and set reminders on your computer to assist in developing the healthy habits that are going to help you succeed in your weight-loss goals.

Always plan your workouts and meals so you can maximize your weight-loss! Especially meal planning to prevent eating worthless, high in fat junk.

I lost a great deal of weight implementing these three habits and hope you benefit from them as well! I will be documenting my weight-loss journey and encourage you to follow along. Subscribe here for updates!

Don’t give up on yourself! Give up those self-limiting beliefs and know that you can and will lose the weight that keeps you from your full potential! You got this!

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Source: Psychology Today, Live Bold and Bloom



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