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A personal contract with a commitment to yourself.

A Personal Commitment Contract To Love Yourself

December 28, 2019 No Comments

Do you project self-respect, love, and honor? Or do you project self-doubt, sarcasm, and low self-esteem?

We are living in a day and age very different from our great grandmothers and women today work hard to be viewed as equals in the workforce. All the while popping out a  couple of kids and maintaining a busy home life.

Never before have women had such opportunities in every aspect of life.

However, everything in our world seems to have an equal opposite and while we have made some great progress in women’s rights, we still have a long way to go.

Not only are we our “self”, but we are also “Mom’s”, “Wives”, ” Girlfriends”, “Friends”, “Sisters”, “Daughters”, “Co-workers”, “Boss’s”, and so much more.

As a result, we alternate between our various roles, depleting our energy stores, and costing much more than is ever truly realized… until something tragic occurs.

Self-Love Is A Muscle, Work It!

Everything you do that is worthwhile takes time to build, and that includes learning to truly love who you are. True self-love often will come from a deep desire to sustain it as a state of “being”…  a living truth if you will.

To want to do things yourself out of love and be the encourager of one’s own dreams, hopes, and aspirations take enormous strength and commitment. It takes practice and is the type of thing that gets better with practice. It will eventually become second nature.

To help you with this commitment, I have created a personal contract. Read it over and take it to heart. Add to it if you like.

This “contract” is powerful. You are committing to the “future of your own soul” so to speak and set out to honor your own word with the impact and weight of a contract.

As Love Yourself Madly says, “The ripples of love start expanding in our lives when we ‘set out’ and ‘follow-through’, and ‘show up’ regardless of how we feel, though at the same time acknowledging our feelings.”

The Contract Itself

Here is what the pdf Personal Commitment Contract says:

  • I, -your name here- promise, from this moment forward, to know and truly understand that I am perfectly enough just as I am. I beleive in the power I already possess and will continue to love and support my “self” the way I do my dear friends.
  • I promise to give myself the kindest of advice, thereby silencing the critical voice in my head. I promise to treat my mind and body with love and respect, as a result, taking care of my physical and mental needs.
  • I will stop putting others needs before me own, after-all, I can’t do anything for anyone else if I am depleted. Just as on an airplane, I must apply my mask before helping others with theirs.
  • I give myself permission to rediscover my dreams and passions and to pursue them.
  • I promise myself to diligently work on being grateful and feeding my mind with healthy, positive thoughts. I promise to take time for myself, become more active, and do for others without expectation of anything in return.
  • I promise to learn to truly love ME.- To soothe the hurt child within, pacify my running mind, and cultivate the things I am good at that I enjoy doing. Doing so will improve both my self-esteem and confidence.
  • I promise to say kind things to myself and others and offer forgiveness.
  • I promise to stop using words like “can’t” and because I fully believe in the power I already possess, I promise myself to always “TRI”. I promise myself to never give up.
  • I promise myself to continue growing as a person and cultivate new dreams and aspirations.
  • From this moment forward, I am always important. My needs are important. My dreams and goals are important. My life is important. I will align myself with these beliefs and commit to living well.


The Commitment Contract PDFs are displayed below. As you scroll through the document, you will see that there are several different looks. They all say the same thing, but I liked to have a few to choose from.

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