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Are You Held Prisoner By Self-Limiting Beliefs?

June 2, 2019 2 Comments

What are your beliefs about yourself? Are your beliefs in line with the life you want to be living? Are you held prisoner by believing in your limitations?

Many of us have a negative inner dialogue. In fact, I dare say most of us have negative inner dialogue, and most of us do it automatically without realizing it. Next time you notice that inner dialogue, pay close attention to what it is saying. Does it point out your “faults”, or use derogatory statements? Or does it belittle, victimize, or crush your spirit? I am going to teach you how to change that conversation.

First things first… What are your self-limiting beliefs? Get out a piece of paper and start writing down what your beliefs about yourself are. Don’t judge what it is you are writing, just write the words as they come. Below those negative statements, write the opposite. Jot down the positive words that come to mind. Here is an example of my own so you can easily understand.

List of self-limiting beliefs, followed be a list of positive beliefs to replace the negative.
A list of self-limiting beliefs followed up with a list of positive beliefs to replace the negative.
Why did you do this? One word: Neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to adapt, creating new pathways according to life experiences. To put it simply, we can and do rewire our brains constantly according to circumstances. Are you rewiring your brain with positive thoughts? If not, start now and watch your life change.


Why did I have you write both down? One word: Neuroplasticity.

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to adapt… the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways and change how its circuits are wired… especially after traumatic brain injuries. If you have ever wondered if you can rewire your brain to be more positive, the answer is YES YES YES! You are already doing it, and have been your entire life.

Have you ever wondered how a child who can’t speak is all of a sudden speaking in sentences? Or how your Grandpa recovered from a stroke? Neuroplasticity baby! Our brains are pretty extraordinary, better than any computer out there. According to Positive Psychology Program “Different pathways form and fall dormant, are created and are discarded, according to our experiences. When we learn something new, we create new connections between our neurons. We rewire our brains to adapt to new circumstances. This happens on a daily basis, but it’s also something that we can encourage and stimulate.

7 Benefits of Neuroplasticity

  1. Improved learning.
  2. Recovery from traumatic brain injuries.
  3. Improved memory.
  4. Recovery from brain events such as a stroke.
  5. Losing one of your senses, often heightens the others.
  6. Rewire the brain to take over certain functions.
  7. Enhanced cognitive abilities.

How can Neuroplasticity help me?

This list can be quite extensive. I will list what I feel is super awesome, and of benefit for all. The question should be What can’t neuroplacticity do… smile… but we will stick with listing a few perks. Healing the brain after traumatic injury. Rewiring your brain to fight depression, anxiety, and other mood and mental health disorders. Managing and coping with chronic pain, and other chronic health issues. Treating those with Autism, ADD, and ADHD. Neuroplasticity can literally touch every aspect of our lives. Put it to use and start rewiring your brain to be positive, happy, and kill off that negative inner voice.

How can I apply this to my life?

One simple way to start rewiring your brain is with “Positive Affirmations” also know as “Mantra’s”. This is all about changing the negative dialogue into a positive one, and to make it automatic, like muscle memory. Don’t allow a negative reaction to be your “go to” reaction. Instead, use these mantra’s to begin thinking more positive in any situation. I want you to get out your notes again, and write out a list of your favorite positive affirmations (Mantra’s). Here is an example of my list…

list of positive affirmations
A list of positive affirmations, also known as mantras, to replace your negative dialogue. A few examples are: I am awesome. I matter. I choose happiness. I am a winner. Everything will work out for me. I believe in myself.


If you cannot think of many off hand, that is OK. This may be brand new to you, and may need some inspiration from elsewhere. Doing a google search for Positive Affirmations will produce many examples you can use. Here is a quick list of mine: Everything will work out for me. I am a winner. I know my worth. I can and I will. I am amazing. I have the power to change me story. I will search for the good in all situations, including the bad. My strength is greater than any struggle. I matter. If I fail, I will fail forward. Negative self-talk has no place in my life. I was not made to give up.

I am fierce!

Tell Us What Has Worked For You

Don’t allow self-limiting beliefs to hold you hostage from life. It is simply a belief, and beliefs are not often grounded in facts. Beliefs can be changed. And if you find yourself constantly struggling with life because of your negative thoughts about yourself, those beliefs NEED to be changed. You have the power to make changes, and the power to control your destiny. Fall in love with yourself, and with life. Determine what you are passionate about, and start doing whatever that is. Take charge of your mind, of your life.

After-all, if you change your story, you will change your life.

I would love to know what has helped you to rewire your brain into becoming a more positive, happy you! Have positive affirmations made a difference in your life? Is rewiring your brain something you have always wanted to try? We want to know your story. Please share your experiences either in the comments, or Contact Us directly!



Mental Health Advocate and Blogger. Runner. Hiker. Cycler. Anything Moving, and Everything Still. I believe in the power of the mind, the strength of the heart, and resilience of the Person. We all have the power to change... Change your story, change your life.

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