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Inspiration for May

Daily Inspiration for May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019 No Comments

Daily Inspiration for May 24, 2019

“Whether you can, or cannot… You are correct. Be careful with what you tell yourself. Good or bad, you will bring it to fruition.”

Does your mind run constantly? Is your inner dialogue positive or negative?

Start paying attention to the words you tell yourself. Each time you catch yourself thinking negative about yourself (such as my personal insecurities; “I can’t write a blog, I am not a writer, Nobody cares about what I say”… you get my point.), I want you to change that negative dialogue into one that is positive. This constant negativity weighs heavily on us, causing insecurity and a feeling of not being “good enough”.  However, if you change your story, you change your life.

Use positive mantra’s to remind yourself just how ‘effin awesome you are! Stop putting yourself down, and become your biggest cheerleader, and watch your life change before your eyes.

Each day, wake up with gratitude in your heart, and everything wonderful on the tip of your tongue. Starting each day in this way will set your life up for more good things to come your way. When you decide to be happy, you choose to see the positive in every situation… even when it is difficult to discern. The powerful habit of being positive is a superpower to be sure. Wouldn’t we all choose to be a bad ass superhero?! Hell yes, without a doubt!

Start by being your own superhero…

Know your worth. Lift yourself up from the moment you open your eyes each day. Love who you are. Always strive to be a better person. Never give up. Always be open to change.

After all, if you change your story, you change your life.


Mental Health Advocate and Blogger. Runner. Hiker. Cycler. Anything Moving, and Everything Still. I believe in the power of the mind, the strength of the heart, and resilience of the Person. We all have the power to change... Change your story, change your life.

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