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Five Hacks To Prevent Weight Gain From Medication That Causes Weight-Gain

May 18, 2019 1 Comment

It should be against the Gods to prescribe a medication that causes weight-gain to someone such as myself. A lower body weight normally comes easy for me, but these pesky meds change that, and it can be quite a struggle to keep my weight where it should be. Low.

Well, NO MORE I say. I am going to do something to change all of this… and I am going to share my endeavor with you in the full hope that it will benefit others.

What to do when you are prescribed a medication that is known to cause weight gain?

Five Hacks To Prevent Weight Gain…

Here are five hacks that I do prevent gaining those dreaded pound. First thing I do is:

1. I educate myself on the severe side effects the medication is known for. Then, I pay no attention to the minor side affects. In fact, I don’t even read them. Why? Simple. I am the type of person who will think they are experiencing the minor side affects, even if I truly am not, just by reading what they are. So I have made a deal with myself to know the severe side effects, and that is it. Period.

2. I write down positive affirmations that help remind me that I am in control of what I put into my body, and that I make the best informed choice. ~ I am strong willed. I believe in my own power. I can refrain from eating half a cake.~  **smile** I think you get my point.

3. I remove the crappy foods within my reach. Even if I have a serious craving, walking to the store is usually not worth the effort for me, so if I keep my home stocked with good food choices, I am more likely to make better choices. — If you use food delivery apps on your smartphone, remove the apps right away. Make a commitment to a more healthy lifestyle, starting with your eating habits… gone are the days of eating out or getting delivery. Instead, focus on making quality, healthy food options available at home.

4. Increase my exercise. This one is way more simple than you think. It isn’t about dedicating two hours in the gym each day to keep your killer physique… but rather, to increase your activities and exercise, and incorporating it into your daily routine. There are MANY ways to do this. For example: Parking at the very back of the parking lot at the grocery store so you walk further than normal… Doing squats and push-ups as you wait for the microwave to ding… Practice pulling your belly button to your spine as you walk (this is a great tip/hack for toning your abs)… Do tricep dips as you watch your favorite TV programs… and my personal favs: reading my favorite topics as I walk on the treadmill, and using the bike trainer while watching my favorite shows. I literally can go on and on, but I think you understand what I am getting at. The point being that you can exercise anywhere and at anytime… with zero equipment. In fact, I love the smartphone apps that guide you through a set of calisthenics that require zero equipment.

5. Keep a  nutrition log. This may seem tedious, but if you notice weight creeping on, keeping a food and beverage journal is a great way to visually see how much you are putting into your body. Keeping tabs on this helps you to see where empty calories are making their way into your mouth. Logging everything you consume creates a barrier of entry, forcing you to really choose if you need those late night gumdrops. – You can use smartphone apps for this, or keep a small journal with you at all times.

OK, so it is actually six, but I will just call the last a necessity… Drink more H2O! I cannot emphasize the importance of water, especially for those who are active! Water can heal, and it will keep your body working in tip-top shape. That being said, make sure you don’t go nuts about it because too much water is also bad (think hazing rituals). Most of us need just over 60 oz of water, but those who are very active need a bit more

Doing these five tip/hacks can help prevent putting on those extra pounds caused by certain medications. Put these tips to use to prevent that weight from becoming an issue for you.

We are all striving to live our best life… sharing knowledge and tips with others is a great way to connect with others on their own journey! We would love to hear from you!!! Please Contact Us and share your journey to live your best, positive life. We would love to hear from you!


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