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Step one to change: No more lies. Stop lying to yourself!

Isn’t It Time To Change Your Story? Step One To Lasting Changes

December 18, 2019 No Comments

I fully believe that everyone can change their story and live the type of life that motivates them in service to others.

This belief isn’t just a belief… it is the story of my life and one which I hope inspires you to thrive and live your life with purpose.

Align yourself with the Universe and be an active participant with this world created specifically for mankind. Then sit back and kick up your feet to witness everything manifest before you in a spectacular performance.

The Universe will give you exactly that which you put into it.

Your life is so much more than the sum of your mistakes. Rewrite your truth starting right now.

Isn’t it time to change your story?

Begin By Challenging Your Current Story

All moments create a story, and horrific life circumstances can create a nightmare.

If you had difficulties as you grew up, you understand all too well the “nightmare” you identify with.

I personally spent too much of my life bound by this negative, self-fulfilling nightmare of a story and the cruel emotions I thought went along with it.

Several mental breakdowns later and suffering as a prisoner to my “story”, I decided that there has to be more to my life than the sum of everything that went wrong.

It took time but I eventually began to challenge my “story”.

Challenge your story by asking yourself:

  • “Screw everything that went wrong. What happened to everything that went right?”
  • “Why didn’t those good things become part of the story I molded my life from?”
  • “Am I choosing to be miserable?”

How can you challenge your story?

By moving forward and looking yourself in the eye, and asking yourself those hard questions.

If you are unable to keep a relationship for longer than a couple of years, ask yourself why!

Did you have a good relationship with your parents?

Was your dad around?

Did you have a good childhood?

Were you taught that you are amazing just as you are without needing to put forth any effort?

If your parents treated you like a princess, you will have a hard life finding others to worship the ground you walk on.

Nobody, aside from your parents, will love you in that same way. However, now that you understand the root of the issue, now you can focus on changing it.

Stop Lying To Yourself

When you are ready to align with your truth and make lasting changes, you will need to stop lying to yourself.

Pause a moment and really let this sink in…..

Without realizing it, we often feel the need to justify what we do. Let me give you some examples.

Example 1- Imagine that for the last 20 years, you have needed to lose about 50lbs. What story do you feed yourself as to why you can’t lose those pounds? Do you justify it with believing you have a “slow metabolism”? Or maybe being overweight “runs in your family”?

These are lies.

If you do not see them as such, you can click the X at the top right of the page because you are not ready to change.

However, if you see them for the excuses they are, YOU ARE READY.

Weight-loss is not magic. It is simply a numbers game. You need to burn more energy than you take in. That is it. PERIOD.

Once you align yourself with this knowledge and live accordingly, YOUR WEIGHT WILL DROP.

Example 2- Imagine that over the years you have struggled with gainful employment because of a “disability”. Do you believe that is all you are worth? Do you live in poverty because of your limitations?

Note- It doesn’t matter if you once believed these things, what matters is if you believe them now

If you still believe you will forever be limited because of your disability, you are not ready to break free of your fear-based life.

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

When you are ready to speak the truth and face things, your weight will come off, and the career you have always wanted will become within reach.

To make these things happen even faster… help others.

When we take the time to help others without expectation of anything in return, the universe always seems to find a way to make things happen.

You just have to experience it once to feel its magic and you will make wonderful things happen in your life.

Be stronger than your excuses, fight self-limiting behaviors, and believe in the strength you already possess…  you just need to tap into it.

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Mental Health Advocate and Blogger. Runner. Hiker. Cycler. Anything Moving, and Everything Still. I believe in the power of the mind, the strength of the heart, and resilience of the Person. We all have the power to change... Change your story, change your life.

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