Don’t you love a good belly laugh? I certainly do! I am sure you have heard the saying that laughter is good for the soul.

It is, and good for a whole lot more like boosting your immune system, and reducing anxiety and other negative emotions.

I won’t go into a long boring post about the health benefits of laughter today, I will save that for another day.-smile-

Today, I want to introduce a little humor of our own! Jesse makes images for me, usually of me, where he puts my face into the image. The image itself isn’t funny, but my face on it makes it hilarious.

At least hilarious to me!

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Let the laughter begin!

** I wanted to give you a little background info about this picture. When I first met Jesse, I was in between homes. Actually, I didn’t really have anywhere to go and joked about living in my car. Then an opportunity came up to move into an RV and do the “Tiny Living” thing I so love, and I haven’t looked back!