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Life Dies Without Water and So Will Your Diet

July 16, 2019 No Comments

Are you drinking enough water? If you had to pause and think about that question, it’s likely that you are not drinking enough water. Read on and learn how drinking water can help with your weight-loss goals!

Fun Water Facts

  • Our bodies are over 60% water, and our brains are over 75% water!
  • Water gets rid of waste through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements.
  • Guess what keeps your temp normal, and keeps the earth cool… you guessed it, water!
  • Drinking water is essential for every cell in your body!
  • What protects sensitive tissues, systems, and protects and cushions joints? Water my friends!
  • Men need about 3.5 Liters of Water on average.
  • Women need about 2.7 Liters of Water on average.
  • We have the same amount of water today as when the earth was formed!
  • Our water system is a very interconnected system. What you put into or on the earth, will end up in our water, and anything put into our air will also end up in our water supply.

Cool right? We are constantly learning more about the benefits of water, and are just now starting to understand the importance of water for brain function…  it is truly incredible! So now that you have learned a couple of water facts, let’s take a look at how dehydration can play a role in our health and wellness.

Water assists your body to go through its renewal, and healing processes, helping to flush out all the crap in our bodies.

It does this every single day, day in and day out, without your direct assistance, and it does it well if you are properly hydrated. What happens if you are not drinking enough water?

Ill Effects Caused By Dehydration

Dehydration comes on quickly. A great example is when you awake from a full night’s sleep. After sleeping for 8 hours, you are “fasting” that entire time, not consuming fluids or foods (that is why they call “Breakfast” by its name.)

Not long ago, I made the mistake of working out right after waking up, and I finally gave that BS up. If you find that you feel unwell when you workout right after you get up for your day, it may be because you are dehydrated. Hydrate immediately upon waking and if exercise makes you feel unwell, perhaps you should change your workout time as I did.

Here is a list of symptoms caused by dehydration in women…

  • Increased fatigue and sleepiness
  • Increased Confusion
  • Low levels of Alertness & Vigor
  • Difficulty Perception Increases**
  • Thirst*
  • Reduced Sweating
  • A reduction of Skin Elasticity
  • and Reduced Urine Output

If you don’t start hydrating quickly, it can lead to a drop in blood pressure resulting in fainting spells and worse, coma and death.

*Younger children and the elderly often don’t get thirsty, so don’t use that as a symptom guideline for everyone.

** Difficulty Perception- This one is super interesting to me. During this study, women who were dehydrated found it more “difficult” to problem solve. It wasn’t that it couldn’t be done, it just felt much more difficult. Hence “difficulty perception increases”.

Though dehydration can come on quickly and reversed just as fast, prevention is the way to go! I keep a large Hydroflask with me at all times to stay hydrated.



Drink Water To Lose Weight

Gaiam tells us that water does help us to lose those unwanted pounds.

Below is a list with a handful of ways that water can help you lose weight and feel your best! Always stay properly hydrated for bodily functions to work their best and make the most of your abilities.

  1. Drink water before each meal. WebMD tells us that we consume 75 fewer calories when drinking water before eating. That equates to over 27,000 calories each year which boils down to a reduction of 8lbs just for drinking 1 cup of water before every meal! Awesome right?
  2. Replace all other drinks with water. Seriously. If you think water doesn’t help, this trick will make it your best friend. Those sugary drinks are hundreds of calories a serving and will turn into thousands of extra calories you didn’t realize you were consuming. A glass of water with lemon is great for weight loss because of the pectin they contain. Pectin helps reduce food cravings.
  3. Drink ice cold water to lose weight. WebMD says that our body has to work harder to warm the water up. This kicks the metabolism into gear and helps you to burn more calories overall.
  4. Get into the gym. Drinking water helps to lubricate and cushion your joints, perfect to fight the effects of arthritis that I deal with. This helps you to work out harder and longer. These steps will lead you to your success.
  5. Use the 8×8 rule to maximize weight loss efforts. Aim for 8 8oz servings of water throughout the day. You may need to drink more depending on your activity level, or less if you drink other beverages like herbal tea.

As you can see, water is essential to both life and your diet. By implementing these suggestions, you no doubt maximize your weight-loss potential and will lose at least 10lbs by these tricks alone!


Water Is Your Friend

As you already know, water is life. Humans need water. After all, water is our number 1 nutrient! Keep a bottle of water with you at all times to ensure you are drinking enough for your activity needs.

It is especially important for those of you who take medications to be properly hydrated. Be sure you are using enough water to not only take your meds but to also help facilitate what they do for you. Water helps your cells to thrive and communicate, to function and perform their purpose. Enable your body to do what it does best, help it to grow, heal, and live.

Drink water for both life, and to help you along in your weight-loss goals! I added water bottles to my workout log, and planners to help keep track of my water intake, and very soon, I will share my templates with you for you to use freely. Very soon!


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