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Living Big In A Tiny House. Is It For You?

Living Big In A Tiny House, Is It For You?

December 27, 2019 No Comments

The “tiny” house movement is on fire! While it’s all shiny and new, people have been living on wheels for a very long time.

In fact, though I don’t have what is considered a “tiny house”, we live in the original gangster of tiny living… a Fifth Wheel.

We decided living big in a tiny house was perfect for the lifestyle we want to live and have lived wheels down for three years now.

Is Going Tiny Right For You?

Going tiny isn’t for everyone. Some people just need more space. However, if like me you have lived in small quarters, living in a tiny house isn’t a huge leap.

Here are a few tiny-house considerations to keep in mind as you decide if the tiny-life in a tiny house is for you.

  • Tiny homes are on wheels and some people talk about feeling a “disconnect”. To me this is silly. Step foot in older buildings and many of them are elevated… nobody talks about being “disconnected” in these dwellings. However, what you do feel is a “sway” or movement as you move about your tiny house..

RV’s, trailers, and fifth wheels prevent the sway using self-levelers that are put in place with a touch of a button.

  • Appliances are often smaller and as a result, more expensive.
  • You will need to “register” your tiny house each year just like we do our fifth-wheel. This sucks, but just like paying homeowner taxes, this is an unavoidable cost.
  • Where will you park it? You can always rent a space in an RV park, but you can also look for private landowners and tiny house communities.
  • Can you work remotely? Living tiny and traveling is everybody’s dream goal, and it is especially possible when you can work from wherever you are.
  • Do you have the ability to build one yourself, or would you hire a company like Tiny-Project to build your dream tiny-house?

Try Tiny House Living

Before throwing huge amounts of money on a new tiny house build, try living in a trailer for a year.

You know, like the kind your grandparents towed when visiting for the holidays.

If you can handle living in a small trailer, you will have no problem with a tiny house. In fact, going from an old school trailer to a tiny house will feel like a serious upgrade.

Luxurious even.

By performing this “living” experience, you will know for a fact if you can live happily in a small environment. Thereby saving a ton of money, 1. not wasting what you got, and 2. being frugal to live more simply.

Fifth-wheel Versus Tiny House

People like myself have been living “small” for a long time. However, there is a huge gap between these groups and how they are viewed.

Tiny living is a movement. It is a clever way to own a “home” and be able to take home anywhere you need or want to go.

It’s also a proposed solution tor our homeless situation in the United States.

Fifth-wheels and RVs are living in excess. Huge rigs with slide-outs to give even more room, pulled by huge diesel-fuel-grubbing’ engine trucks.

Regardless of what you live in, going tiny and living minimally is a lifestyle choice. One in which we have embraced with open arms… while living in a fifth-wheel. One day I would love to build a tiny home of my own.

To create my own space, a home I built with blood, sweat, tears, and my own two hands. Feeling the empowerment that comes with knowing you can accomplish anything you want and survive anything. Yet at the same time, you can park it at Mom’s while you chase your dreams. -smile-

Tiny house living opens a whole new world of possibility. It opens the road to anywhere and allows you to be completely at home no matter where you go. To me, there is no greater feeling than that.

Preparing For Tiny House Living

Here are a couple of tiny-house living tips to help you prepare for tiny-house living.

  • Spend time in a tiny space.- As I mentioned, spend time in a small trailer. This is the best way to know if you can live so minimally. Make it a really old trailer, that way if you decide to go tiny, the tiny house you build (or have built) will be a serious upgrade.
  • Start determining what is important and what is not.- Living tiny doesn’t provide much space. Get creative with storage, like hanging your bike on the wall like a decoration. You will want to maximize space so you need to have an idea of what you need to live happily.
  • Start selling that unneeded stuff for some extra cash! Do you really need a million office supplies? No, you don’t. Prioritize what you can’t live without and get rid of the rest.
  • Do your research into the various companies building tiny houses. Some build the entire thing, others sell floorplans for you to build it yourself. Know what you want and what is important to you. Research. Research. Research.


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Our Tiny House Conclusion

We love the idea of living more simply and truly enjoying the things in life that are important to us, instead of slaving away in pursuit of money.

What do you think about tiny-house living? Is it something you are interested in?

You can check out Tiny-Project here, and click the picture below to see their tiny-house photo book.

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Tiny-Project Tiny-House photo book.
Tiny-Project Tiny-House photo book.





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