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Living Your Best Life After 40

July 25, 2019 No Comments

So now that you have hit the big 4 0, welcome! As a 43-year-old woman, I can honestly say that my perception of life changed and I realized it is 100 % possible to be Living Your Best Life After 40!

Regardless of what you may have thought when you were young, people over 40 are not “ancient”, nor close to death. Funny right?

Can you believe that I once thought that way? I remember being a young teen thinking life was over by 40! Ha! I am so glad I was totally off about that.

Tips For Living Your Best Life After 40

  • Dismantle your negative beliefs about being in midlife and create a whole new outlook.Give the middle finger to society’s expectations and the”It’s too late for me” attitude. Embrace your change and strive for endless possibilities!
  • Acknowledge regrets and move on. – Neutralize the negative emotion that regret evokes by using it as a learning opportunity. Interject new meaning and energy by making the best-informed choices as life hands them to you.
  • Validate YOURSELF – At this stage, you are finally to the point where you don’t feel the need to look outside yourself for validation ( if you do, this may be something to look into further, it could be costing you your mental health). Matter of fact, people are taking longer to grow up and happen to live longer. This isn’t your Grandmothers world, and middle age isn’t the end as it once was. Use this stage to truly get to know who you are and create new dreams to follow!
  • Never stop transforming. – Growth and transformation are important at all stages in life. It helps us feel satisfied, spiritual even and is important for our overall wellbeing. When one grows stagnant, depression and anxiety can easily find it’s way into their life.
  • Feel younger. – By adopting a positive mindset, and keeping your weight in check with a proper diet and exercise, you actually slow the aging process. Not to mention that you will actually feel younger as well!
  • Make self-care a priority. – You must take care of your whole self as you navigate this stage. Many of you might go through the “empty nest” stage as your children leave for college or moving out on their own. It is imperative that you are prepared and have steps in place to prevent depression or other stressors. Self-care is a must. Whether you choose to do a mani-pedi for yourself or decide to take up candle making as a hobby, just make sure you are doing something for YOU.
Society puts so much emphasis on looking young, it is not surprising that as we grow older, we desperately try to hold onto our youth. However, at 43, I can honestly say that it does get easier to accept and I am nearing the stage of embracing it. I think.- wink wink

Middle Life Crisis

We often joke about the “midlife crisis” thing, but it is very real and happens to the best of people. Both men and women are susceptible. Men often buy a car, while women make a drastic change in their appearance, or it presents itself as an affair.

Interestingly, women often go through a midlife crisis at an earlier age beginning at age 34, but it can also come on as late as 44 years of age. While men typically go through it around 43 years of age.

At any rate, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for signs you are headed for a midlife crisis of your own. As Very Well Mind says, “Midlife can be the unhappiest time in a person’s life.”

Signs of a midlife crisis.

  • You have more questions than answers. – Such as questions about the purpose of life, and why we are here?
  • Sudden urge to get in shape, reconnect with high old school and college friends, go out clubbing, or some other drastic life change. – A little side note: The crisis doesn’t need to end horribly. Some couples who worked through it together adopted children with one another rather than go in different directions.
  • Thinking more about your mortality. – This is a natural step we all must move beyond. We all know the end-game is the same for us all, but accepting it can be difficult.
  • Dramatic changes in sleep.
  • Changes in your mood. –  Including increased anger, sadness, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Withdrawing from normal routines or relationships.

When to get help for a midlife crisis

Sometimes a midlife crisis is a good thing. Some people become more spiritual, or help those less fortunate. You can turn it into a positive outcome!

Sometimes a midlife crisis is a good thing. Some people become more spiritual or they start helping others less fortunate.

However, if your emotions are getting the best of you and your quality of life is affected, it would be worthwhile to reach out for help. Don’t make the mistake of brushing it off because it is a midlife crisis. It is no different than any other emotional crisis.

You should always consult a doctor if a. your sleep or appetite has been affected,  b. you have lost interest in the things you get enjoyment from, c. relationships are negatively affected. d. you have called into work or been fired because of the distress.

If you take away nothing else from this post, let it be this: Please do not make any big life decisions while in an emotional crisis of any type. This is crucial.

When I had a “midlife crisis” many moons ago, I had no idea it was a midlife thing. It was unhealthy neurotic thinking that convinced me something was wrong and I was going to die. This drove me to make decisions I wouldn’t have made in a healthy mental state and affected not only me but the people I love most in my life. Please make sure you seek help right away before making any decisions.


How to support someone going through a midlife crisis

At some point and time you will likely experience someone you know going through an emotional crisis in their middle life. You can support them in various ways and help them through to the other side. How can you offer support? Read on my friends.

  • Be a good listener: A little venting goes a long way. Be the ear your loved one needs. Don’t offer advice, and listen without judgment.
  • Discuss the importance of getting help when it is needed: Always encourage your loved one to seek help.  Sometimes there is a medical issue that is causing the symptoms you see, such as a thyroid disorder.
  • Recognize when you need help yourself: Helping someone through an emotional crisis can be draining on you. Seek support right away if you find you are struggling yourself.
  • Always get help right away if someone is suicidal: This one should go without saying but it cannot be stressed enough. It is important to remember and remind that these negative emotions will pass. I promise, they always do.

40 Is The New 20

With advancements in health and science, we are living longer and more active lives. It is incredible to think that in the late 1800’s life expectancy wasn’t even 50 years old, it was in the mid-’40s! Now we live till our mid 70’s even though technically we should be able to live to 120.

So yea, 40 is the new 20! We are not out of the game by any means, and it is completely possible to be Living Your Best Life After 40! It is a time of great reflection. A time to rediscover your purpose, your passions.

Take this time to truly enjoy life. It isn’t about the material “things” or traveling the world to be happy and fulfilled. Those things are nice, but they aren’t important. Especially when being held prisoner by a mind that clings to what it knows, depression and anxiety. Break those connections and free yourself to live, to thrive.

Living Your Best Life After 40 – Our Conclusion

40 truly is the new 20!

Determine what goals you want to accomplish and know your “why”, create new dreams to follow, and identify the symptoms of a midlife crisis to mitigate the suck that comes with it.

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Mental Health Advocate and Blogger. Runner. Hiker. Cycler. Anything Moving, and Everything Still. I believe in the power of the mind, the strength of the heart, and resilience of the Person. We all have the power to change... Change your story, change your life.

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