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Our “Diet” Choice and Why We Chose It

June 9, 2019 1 Comment

There are many fad diets out there. I am sure you have heard of The Atkins Diet, Southbeach Diet, Vegan Diet, The Keto Diet, etc. I could go on and on. Today I want to share with you what our diet choice is, and how we arrived at this choice. It may, and likely will, change and evolve over the years, and that is fine. However, for right now, what we do works, and so we continue on.

Our diet choice is: We don’t follow anything specific. We are leaning more and more towards a more plant based whole foods diet, such as taught by Forks Over Knives, but for now we still occasionally eat meat. I would say we are down to eating meat twice a week max, one of those being Salmon. The other being either ground turkey, chicken, or pork. Once in a blue moon we have red meat, but that is a treat!

Obviously we are not Vegetarians because our choice about not eating meat has nothing to do with the slaughter of animals for food. I believe that animals have a place in the food chain, and for that reason we would never claim to be Vegetarian, even though we don’t eat meat often. So what do we do? We eat tons of vegetables, some rice and beans, lentils, and fruit. Eaten all in their most natural form.

We do not limit what we eat simply because it is not good for you. We aren’t talkin’ about heroin here, it’s just cake. Do we eat donuts, not often, but yes, we do. We believe in moderation. Each of us loves to eat  goodies. Our sweet-tooth is similar and love all things peanut butter and chocolate! And we love milk… yummmmmm. So trust me when I say we are like anyone else in the food department. We enjoy eating and try to eat as clean as possible during the day to indulge in something sweet while unwinding from the day, later at night.

As I said, we are leaning more towards eating a plant based whole foods diet. To this end, I am constantly searching for easy meals that are plant based. As I find recipes I love, that we love, I will share them in our “Stuff Your Face Recipes” category. Any recipe that is noted for being Vegan, or any other diet friendly version, I will definitely note it so everyone can locate what they are looking for.

Why the Plant Based Whole Food Diet?

The evidence for a plant based whole food diet is mounting. Often reversing type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and lowering bad cholesterol, it is known to heal our bodies of damage caused by inflammation, which is often the result of a poor diet and high sugar consumption. As we incorporate more plant based foods we noticed a drastic change in belly issues like IBS, and increased regulation of the bowels. Our bodies feel more efficient, and we feel like our endurance has even increased within our sport activities.

Little by little we are moving away from the bad, high calorie, processed foods we were raised on (good ol’ Hamburger Helper), and closer to whole food options. With each change, our bodies feel better and better. Proof positive that it is the right choice for us. However, if that were to ever change, we are not stuck to any one way of eating.

More than anything, it isn’t about what diet you do, it is about eating for a purpose, eating for health, and eating to fuel the days activities. Instead of focusing on a diet, we focus on what is healthy, and act accordingly. Doing so prevents us from following the latest fad, or suffering the ill effects of a diet gone wrong.

And more than anything, we never feel deprived of things we really enjoy. If we want it, we eat it. To me, it is worth the extra mile or two on the treadmill to enjoy a piece of cheesecake. MMMMmmm.



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