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The Basics Of Universal Laws

September 3, 2019 No Comments

Have you noticed that whatever you do seems to come back around? When you do good things for others, good things come back to you. Or how the not-so-good things you do seem to come back… sometimes 3 fold? Some call it Karma.

There’s a reason this happens and it has to do with the Universal Laws that are intertwined with our world. Allow me to introduce you to The Basics of Universal Laws and how you can use them in your life to live the life of your dreams.

What Are Universal Laws

Our entire Universe, including the Cosmos, is governed by a set of laws. According to Physics, these laws happen here on earth the same as they happen in another galaxy 6 Billion lightyears away.

Not a single person can escape these laws. However, it is possible to make yourself aware of what they are and align yourself with them so you can use them to create the life you have always wanted!

It isn’t by happenstance that the more you give, the more you receive. Or that the more you resist what is and are anxious, the more anxious you become. In many ways, we are in control of our own “world”, just not in the way that most try attributing this control.

If science is correct, we are all interconnected. -Eye-rolling may commence, but keep in mind that I am not talking some New Wave bs, I am talking science.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is when two particles are inextricably connected. Albert Einstein described this entanglement as ‘spooky action at a distance’. What did he mean by this?

Imagine a moment that you see an entangled quantum particle. In that moment, you are able to discern its nature, while at the same exact moment, you automatically know exactly what its partner’s nature is. Incredibly, entangled particles are influenced by one another regardless of the distance between them.

It brings to question whether we have an individual “fate”, or if we are all interconnected. After all, we all came from the “singularity” that produced every single thing in our Universe, including you and me.

How can we use these laws to our benefit?

How To Use Universal Laws, Like The Law Of Attraction, To Your Benefit

One of these Universal Laws that you have probably heard of is called The Law Of Attraction. I won’t get into a long drawn out description in this article, but you have likely experienced this “law” without realizing it.

Have you noticed that whatever you do seems to come back around to you, and often in a similar manner? Some people call it Karma, others call it the Universe, and others still, God.

I want you to think of it in this way… every single thing, including us humans, put out energy, a “frequency”. This frequency goes out into our world and attracts “like frequencies”, drawing the things you put out into the world, back to you.

Personally, I experienced this law in a big way. Monumental. Life destroying, then LIFE-SAVING. Allow me to explain.

My Personal Experience With Universal Laws At Play

As I went through my young adult years, I had children and afterward, I lost my mind. My actions, my frequencies went out into the universe and “like frequencies” made their way back. They were not good.

My life was surreal in a bad way. I experienced horrible losses that would destroy most people. A crushing divorce resulting in the horror of not having custody of my children. Then I was touched by the dark stain of suicide.

I had serious work to do on my mental health, as well as working on who I was as a person. I had to grow a lot and I died a thousand deaths regrouping myself.

Good things then began making their way to me. I met another incredible person, gave birth to two more amazing children… and then. I. Lost. My. Mind. Again. Those nasty “frequencies” I put forth attracted “like frequencies” and once again, I was without my children.

The universe was screaming at me, telling me something I couldn’t yet grasp. So I spent the next 10 years finally “listening” and finally understanding what was happening.

Now, I won’t go into the mental health aspects of my story here, but know that poor mental health played a role and I made decisions with an unhealthy mind. Those unhealthy frequencies went out into the world and brought me more of it.

I had to start listening. It wasn’t enough to just hear though, I had to fully understand what was going on and align myself with the good frequencies and change by understanding I had a limitation that could bring me misery.

Or … I could use the “limitation” as a stepping stone to greatness and help others.

Good things started coming back to me again and now that I know how the Universe works, I have remained aligned with a purpose higher than myself to share what I have learned. To inspire and encourage others in their journey.

Guess how life has been since aligning myself with this purpose? Nothing short of wonderful. 

Universal Laws Made Easy

Without further ado, I will break these down into simple words.

  1. The Law of Vibration- Everything in our universe, when broken down into its most basic and purest form is pure energy that reverberates and exists as a frequency.
  2. The Law of Attraction- This is the most well-known law. We are energy… frequencies and our beliefs and actions attract everything that manifests in our life. Like attracts like. Good or bad, positive or negative, everything happening in your life is what you attracted.
  3. The Law of Reciprocity- The process of giving and taking mutually. This is about giving to others. When you give freely, whether it is time or money, or some other gift you freely give to others, more of the same comes back to you! Try it and watch it manifest in your life!
  4. The Law of Abundance- Our entire world is in a constant state of growing and lacks nothing because of these laws. Abundance will manifest based on the kind and quality of the energy projected.
  5. The Law of Polarity- A full spectrum of possibility. Without horrible events, could we truly appreciate the “good”. This law enables you to learn and discover that every perceived problem has a solution therein. Every failure can and will lead to success if you come to an understanding of these laws.
  6. The Law of Cause and Affect- For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is also known as Karma and Sowing & Reaping.
  7. The Law of Growth- This law is simple. Something is always growing or being created based upon the seed that is planted. This seed is determined by the energy projected. You can become conscious and purposeful in the energy you project which in turn determines what you will receive back.
  8. The Law of Resonance- This law determines the frequency based on various thoughts, beliefs, even emotions activating The Law of Attraction. As you already know, projected energies can only harmonize with energies at a similar harmonious frequency and manifest your physical results.

Should You Believe In Universal Laws?

Should you believe the hype? Remember the book called “The Secret”? It was a huge success. However, just because it was a success doesn’t mean it is “truth”.

I believe in the power we all have, the power we can all access. However, I have a hard time grasping the flip side of these beliefs, that One is responsible for the death of their Mom, or child because the Universe didn’t like their energy that day.

See how that belief could cause more harm than good?

While it is insanely important to live by the golden rule, to do to others as you would want done to you, I believe that putting too much belief into such thoughts to be dangerous.

I find it very cruel to teach philosophy in which your actions and feelings bring about your poor life circumstances, because regardless of anything you do, there’s an unfortunate side of life: illness and death.

There’s no amount of “good” that prevents the inevitable. For this reason, I cannot put 100% belief into the Universal Laws, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from them and put to use the aspects that make sense.

Coming Full Circle with Universal Laws

The great thing about living this life is our ability to learn and grow. We are capable of keeping an open mind and learning various ways of improving our lives.

Our “world” is an accumulation of all past experiences and the story we have created for ourselves. There is no doubt that life improves dramatically when one’s actions and words come from a place of happiness and peace.

Use these skills to make a difference to those around you. Take what you need and can use, and abandon the bullcrap. It is truly that simple.

Live a grateful life and bask in the Grace that returns to you! Watch the power of positivity manifest in your life according to the seeds you sow… and when bad things do happen, and they will, remind yourself that sometimes bad shiz happens.

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