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Are you living your dream life? Are you wondering how to make the most of your hard earned money? Do you wonder how to be, and stay active, or exercise/workout when life is demanding? Do you want to train for a half-marathon, or a marathon but don’t even know where to begin? Do you want to improve your health, both physically and mentally? Do you wonder how to live a fulfilling, happy life? Do you want to rewire your brain to be more positive? Do you want to change but don’t know how? Do you want to be more adventurous? Do you want to do your first triathlon or duathlon?

TRITOFLY - introducing Riss and Jess

TRITOFLY- Introducing Riss and Jess.

You have come to the right place!

What is TriToFly?

TriToFly is the result of one man who absorbed himself into the sport of Triathlon, competing in Iron Man’s and shorter Olympic and Sprint Distances for well over 10 years to live his dreams. As he has stated “It isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey”. The sport of triathlon came along at the perfect time in his life, and it many ways, triathlon saved him.

Then life threw him a curve-ball and he met Her. While triathlon saved him, in many ways, it was He who saved Her. He taught her the tools he has learned for a better life, and she taught him the tools she knew. Together, they have built a life around being active, living simply, and doing the things they are passionate about. Living the life of their dreams while living within their means. Living a life of adventure, a life of motion, a life of happiness.

It is our goal to share our world in hope of inspiring others. We want to help others to rewire their brain for a positive, healthy, happy lifestyle. Through connecting with others, and living by example, we hope to share all we have learned to help others live more enriched lives.

If you want to become more active, lose weight, eat healthy, be positive, rewire your brain, live the life you have always wanted, stay tuned… you have come to the correct place.