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Our Story

Well over 1o years ago, one man began his journey of self-discovery and personal growth through the sport of Triathlon, hence the “TRI” in our name.

It was through this sport that Jesse was able to find his mental strength and physical endurance. He continued to build his arsenal of tools as an athlete, that could be applied to everyday life. The skills he learned as an athlete helped him to live his best life.

It isn’t about the destination, it’s all about the journey and the experiences along the way. Jess


Jesse lives purposely with that in mind at all times.  In many ways, the sport of Triathlon saved him. It was during this time that he coined this small phrase “TRITOFLY”, and began living by it. With his dedication, a huge amount of hard work, and a positive mindset, he was truly living his dream.

Then the Universe stepped in with a curveball he wasn’t expecting, and his mental health took a hit. As he approached 40 years of age, he suffered a mental break. He struggled to get through it, and he did. However, once again the Universe threw him another unexpected curve and he met Riss.

While the sport of Triathlon saved him, in many ways, He saved her. He taught Riss the tools he lived by, instilling the importance of motion and exercise, and the importance of doing an activity each and every day, not just for physical well-being, but for mental well-being.

We met and almost immediately went for our first hike. It was intoxicating. The activities, in combination with falling in love was out of this world. We had found the greatest high on earth!

We are thrilled to share our experiences in hopes of inspiring others to live the life they have always wanted to live. To Live The Dream. Live YOUR dreams.

~~Hence, TRITOFLY was born.~~

TRITOFLY’s Mission

Our Mission is to show others how to live an active life for physical and mental well-being, sharing the tools we use to better our life within the struggles of being human. All the while,  helping others to build their own arsenal of tools to live their best life… to live their dreams!

We want to share not only our activities and adventures, but also how to live a simple, yet highly satisfactory life.

Everything we teach, we also LIVE BY.

While it is our mission to share our life experiences to inspire others, it is also our mission to share our heart, our hopes & fears, and our dreams.

It is our deepest hope that we build a community of people here who are compassionate, quick to help, slow to speak, actively listens, and INSPIRES.

Welcome to TRITOFLY… we hope you like it here… we happen to love it!

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