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Meet Jesse- Half of Tri-To-Fly

If you read Our Story, you know that Jesse coined the name of our blog many years ago. -TRITOFLY- He lived each day doing just that by training and participating in the sport of Triathlon.

Every day was the opportunity to Tri-to-fly. He put his heart and soul into his training, participating in both Olympic and sprint distances in local Triathlons, participating in almost 100 various competitions.

This training and competition helped him to build an arsenal of tools applicable to life in general. However, as he approached 40 years of age, he suffered a mental break that took its toll on his life.

Fighting Depression with Triathlon’s

Although he suffered a mental break, he used his training to pull out of the abyss and get his mind right. He fought tooth and nail to climb out of that darkness. It took time, but he was able to conquer that depression beast!

In doing so, he changed the way he trained to maximize results. Increasing the amount of rest for healing and injury prevention, and easy days after a hardcore session, he was able to continue progressing as an athlete in half the training. Incorporating other activities such as hiking also helped to reduce stress.

Incredibly, in less training and a more rounded approach, he learned that the saying “you have to know how to go slow to go fast” was true, and he has only improved over the years. A combination of sport psychology, proper training, and knowing when to stop and to rest has helped him in competition and life.

Making A Difference

At this stage in life, what really matters is making a difference and helping other people. In small ways, he does just that in everyday life but has wanted to take it to another level. Helping others with their training, or offering some inspiring words of encouragement. Through this blog, he will do just that.

Proper Triathlon training is only part physical, while the rest is mental.

When I first started the sport of triathlon, I trained all the time and I trained HARD. No matter how I felt, it was hardcore training all the time! However, my performance didn’t exactly get better. I was young, strong, and definitely overtraining. 

That was 10-15 years ago, and boy was I doing it wrong. In fact, I took first place overall for the first time after I stopped training SO hard. Amazing right? 

You must learn how to go slow if you ever want to go fast. – That is 100% truth.

It doesn’t stop there though. It is also very mental, and getting your mind prepared is just as important. I want to make a difference on both levels, helping others to reach their best potential in life! I know first hand what it is like to have struggles and live with limitations, and want to help others overcome these self-limiting beliefs ~ Jess

Helping others by inspiring them to live by their full potential, in Triathlon training, and in life is what TRITOFLY is aspiring to do.

With the help of his S.O., living the dream is all about helping others to reach theirs. What an honor!

Now that you have met Jesse, now meet the other half… Meet Riss

How can TRITOFLY make a difference to you? Interested in losing weight? How about Mindfulness?

Contact Us and let us know what interests you, and don’t forget to subscribe to get future updates and promo’s!


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