Meet Riss- The Other Half Of Tri-To-Fly

Since a child, melancholy has affected my life and I have always struggled with my emotions. I began writing poetry as a result and fell in love with words. The writing kept me sane and I have always believed that I was able to push the “darkness” away by the written word. So I have never given it up.

As a young adult, I was diagnosed with major depression and was upgraded to Bipolar within a couple of years after the first diagnosis. I didn’t put much faith into the diagnosis and I basically ignored it all.

Then my life collapsed… again. The view from my bubble looked so similar to the first collapse (or rather, mental breakdown). My world was spinning and I couldn’t control it or stop it.

It was this collapse that made me pay attention to the new Bipolar 1 with Psychosis diagnosis I had escalated to. What had I done? Did I make my mental health worse by pretending it wasn’t an issue? Was noncompliance a factor, or was it there along… it just couldn’t be seen yet.

At any rate, some horrible life events transpired that triggered my mental health nightmare, and after many years of intense therapy, many years of numbing myself, many years of finding myself, and many years of learning to love myself, I have found peace. Forgiveness & Radical acceptance has helped me to cut the ties and remove the power that negative events hold.

Having a diagnosis became paralyzing. I mourned being “normal” and surrounded myself with people who believed their love and friendship could help cure me and encouraged me to stop my medication. Such foolishness.

Eventually, health issues revealed themselves after I gained almost 50lbs again and for no reason. I felt defeated. My mind and body were at war and I had no idea how to fix either.

Limbo Low

After many doctor visits over the years, my physical health was a mystery in some ways. Nobody can figure out exactly what is going on. It became overwhelming and I had to stop trying to figure it out for my mental well being. Ignorance sometimes is bliss folks!

Then I got sick. I had never felt anything like it in my life, and I felt so scared. It could have been something like the flu, but it was something I’ve never experienced before. It felt like a new low, so now I am once again on a mission to figure it all out.

As I wrote about in another post, exercise has helped me to change my life. (Click here for that article.) For my mental and physical health, hiking, walking & running, and cycling are my go-to activities.

TRITOFLY For Depression?

Since beginning this blog, my depression symptoms seem to be, for the moment, pacified. As I tried to psychoanalyze this, I realized what must be occurring. Each day, for 8-12 hours, I work on this blog in some capacity. All-day long I am researching, writing, and creating images to be used with our content.

I am literally surrounded in positivity all day long. Be it inspiring quotes, inspiring stories about others, or other versions of positive psychology, my life is permeated with positivity! Finding things to share with others while being absorbed into this project, it is as though positivity has become me!

Whatever direction life takes, I am so ecstatic to share all I have learned and all that I know so others can also live the dream, live their dreams. To help others to say goodbye to depression and anxiety.ig

Making A Difference To Others

Both Jesse and I want nothing more than to make a difference and help others. It is our passion, our purpose! Whether you just want to be inspired, or take part in any programs available soon, we welcome you. Wherever you are in your journey, we are honored to be a part of it and encourage you to keep pressing on and find your full potential.

Reaching your potential and living it out can begin at any stage. Let us inspire you to be your best… inside and out.


Now that you have met Riss, click here to meet Jesse.

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