Personal Planner and Journal Templates

Yes, our Personal Planner and Journal Templates are free for you to use! We want you to succeed. Period. These help you to build healthy, lasting good habits!

Life is busy. Many of us are balancing work, marriage, children, etc., so having a system to stay organized is imperative.

Template Types

Here is a list of the templates I have created to use myself and to share with you!

  • Food Log– Personal planner templates to help you keep track of your food consumption. A must for those who have difficulties losing weight, or feel that no matter what they do, the weight will not come off.
  • Exercise Log– Use these personal planner templates to keep track of your exercise and other types of physical activity. Get in-depth or keep it simple.
  • Positive Affirmations and Gratitude Log– Science is proving that positive thinking and gratitude help you improve your happiness and have more fulfilling lives, awesome sauce right?! These personal planner templates will help you to do just that and help keep you on track.
  • To-Do & Grocery Lists– Simple personal planner templates to help you list the things you need to get done, and the groceries you need to pick up to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle!
  • Meal Planning– When it comes to losing weight, meal planning is essential. It helps you refrain from impulsive shopping and impulsive eating. Use these personal planner templates to come up with a menu you will stick to.
  • Exercise Planning– Regardless if you are maintaining or trying to lose weight, these personal planner templates help you to plan your exercise ahead of time so you can research and maximize your weight-loss.
  • Triathlon Planning– Are you planning your first triathlon? Or are you a veteran athlete? Either way, use these personal planner templates to help you train efficiently. Use them to keep track of your swimming, cycling, and running stats including PR’s and KOM’s on Strava! Super fun right?- COMING SOON
  • Self-Care– If you use nothing else, use these personal planner templates to help take care of YOU. We really believe in the importance of taking care of your Mind, Body, and Soul, and self-care will literally cover all the bases.
  • Virtual Assistant Planner– Take advantage of these personal planner templates to help you manage and grow your Virtual Assisting Career. Keep track of responsibilities, log-in deets for all things internet, email marketing, SEO checklists, and social media marketing.- Coming Soon
  • Personal Journal– Each set of personal planner templates comes with its own “Journal” templates. You can use them on their own, or as the set. They are handy for brainstorming, notes and research, or to bleed your heart out. We prefer the latter, but you are in control.
  • Goal Planner Bundle– Long/Short-term goal sheet, and Project Planner sheets

Is A Personal Planner The Right Choice

Are you a busy person? Do you juggle family, and work? Are you trying to live an active lifestyle? Have you decided to lose weight for good? Are you alive?

Everyone can benefit from having a personal planner, but not everybody wants to drop 50$ for a personalized planner. My daughter is a Speech-Language Pathologist and she spent almost 100$ for her special planner. That is cra and a bit pricey if you ask me.

The solution? I started creating my own templates, and have found them to be very reasonable to print locally with my UPS shop!

You can certainly do the same thing and save loads of money!

How to access our personal planner & Journal Templates

So, I am sure you are asking “What is the catch?” We honestly want to offer these templates to you for free at this time. That may change in the future, but no worries…they are free now!

To get these templates, simply click the button below to subscribe! After subscribing, check your email (and spam if you don’t see our confirmation email in your inbox), and verify your subscription. 

You will then receive a link to our templates.

Easy stuff right?

Happy planning and organizing! We hope you enjoy our templates as much as we do.

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